Yellow Curtains named Semi-finalist 

Great news: "Yellow Curtains" has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition out of 6000 entries! This song is so special to me as it was written for my sweet friend, an amazing mom, who had a very hard life and was taken from this world too soon. This one's for you, Trish.

CD Release 

Good news!  The long awaited release of Unguarded Heart will be celebrated on Saturday April 7th at the Burren in Davis Sq. Somerville.  Pledgers and pre-orders received their digital copy On April 1st!  The album will officially drop at the end of April.  Order tix here:

New Year and New News! 

Happy Holidays & New Year.  As 2017 wanes and with it all of its joys, accomplishments, growing pains and tumult, January approaches, the darkness starts to dissipate and the days become just a little longer, I’m looking forward to new beginnings and fresh starts.  I’m thrilled to announce that the album project reached its goal, will be funded and Unguarded Heart will be released in early 2018.  Next week we go in for mastering and then the fun part of creating artwork begins.  I’m hoping to have the…

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On the eve of my birthday... 

I am taking stock and feeling incredibly grateful for the way I've gotten to spend so many trips around the sun.  Playing music with friends is a good way to go through life.  And I don't take a second of it for granted.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way.  

This fall is an exciting time.  In album news:  Backing vocals are complete (Thanks to Susan Cattaneo, Kimon Kirk, James Rohr, Jeff Charland and Sean Staples who all injected their sweet spirits, expertise and amazing…

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Recording Update 

This time- it's as much about the process as the product.  

I don't even know where to begin.  From the inception of these songs to collaborating with some of my favorite writers, to gathering my team around me, to recording the demos in Austin, to the full studio  - this recording process has already been one of my most favorite creative endeavors.  And I'm relishing every little piece of this process.  It could stop right here and I'd be thrilled.  Two weeks ago I had what was akin to a spritual…

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Above the Basement Podcast 

Had a great time recording this podcast for Above the Basement - music and conversation.  Give a listen!  

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Download new Miriam album 

Miriam's album released last month is available here for download!

Enjoy and thank you for the support-

Carla's lyrics quoted in Boston Globe! 

Pleased to see my lyrics quoted in today's Boston Globe feature Op-Ed piece in an article blasting Trump.  Click the link at the end to hear the tune!

Miriam's Press Release! 

It started in a graveyard.  A stark gray stone surrounded by lush green grass.  It bore the name Miriam and underneath the words, “I Am So Happy”.  The picture so perfectly depicted such artistic and emotional contrast in its dreary, macabre sweetness, it had to be put to use.  In 2009, when multi-award-winning singer-songwriters Amy Fairchild and Carla Ryder decided to combine their voices and join forces to start a band, Miriam was born. It was sheer coincidence that they would later learn Miriam was a

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Recording soon... 

So it's been a long long time since I've hit the studio.  Life, family and a bit bout of writer's block have presented themselves as challenges to the musical process.  With a small batch of songs and a big restless heart, I will be trying to get these songs down on tape this winter.  Kickstarter coming soon.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!