Unguarded Heart

Carla Ryder and the Blue Ribbons critically acclaimed album

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Til the End of Counting

CRB's most recent release - Produced by Adam Steinberg. "This girl can tear it up! That's what you'll say after listening to the latest release by Carla Ryder. File Ryder somewhere between the Pretenders and Sheryl Crow, but don't miss out on Til the End of Counting". Performing Songwriter Magazine, June 2007 Buy this CD at cdbaby

Acoustic & Live

Tracks taken from various shows and radio interviews. Buy this CD at cdbaby

Pulling Down Sky

This one is so near and dear to my heart. Buy this CD at cdbaby

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Pulling Down Sky on I-tunes i-tunes - Til the End of Counting
Pulling Down Sky - I-tunes Purchase tracks from Carla's debut solo album.

Time Has Come


  The last collective effort by the Carla Ryder Band. All music recorded live, with vocal overdubs, this album is raw and rockin'. Featuring Jon Metters on guitar, Scott Bressler on bass, Ian McMillan on drums, and Tara Venuti on backing vocals. Check it out, put it on, turn it up!

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