Miriam's Press Release!

It started in a graveyard.  A stark gray stone surrounded by lush green grass.  It bore the name Miriam and underneath the words, “I Am So Happy”.  The picture so perfectly depicted such artistic and emotional contrast in its dreary, macabre sweetness, it had to be put to use.  In 2009, when multi-award-winning singer-songwriters Amy Fairchild and Carla Ryder decided to combine their voices and join forces to start a band, Miriam was born. It was sheer coincidence that they would later learn Miriam was a strong and insightful biblical prophetess of the Old Testament who led her people in song and 

instrument.They recruited the coveted multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, AndySantospago, whose music traverses a long and winding road from classical, jazz, acoustic finger style, Latin, bluegrass and folk, and rock. Over the next few years, they would pluck up talented drummer about town Ian McMillan, monster bass player Jeff St. 

Pierre and the best fiddle playing/mandolin pickin' player this side of anywhere, MichaelSpaly. The group has garnered a loyal following by playing a monthly residency (the last Tuesday of each month at Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA) cultivating a sound and creating true alchemy among them. They have been described as a rollickin’ blend of Americana-infused countrified roots-rock.  The focus is on the tight harmonies, catchy songs and superb playing.  At times playful, at times moody.  But mostly it’s boot-stompin,’ lead vocal swappin’, ass-kickin’ fun. Steve Morse, former critic of 30 years at The Boston Globe says, " Music for the sheer pleasure of it... effervescent harmonies and melodic nirvana." Catch them at their debut CD release show Sat May 14th at 7 pm BurrenBackroom in Davis Square, Somerville, MA.