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Carla Ryder: News

Yellow Curtains named Semi-finalist - July 26, 2018

Great news: "Yellow Curtains" has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition out of 6000 entries! This song is so special to me as it was written for my sweet friend, an amazing mom, who had a very hard life and was taken from this world too soon. This one's for you, Trish.

CD Release - April 1, 2018

Good news!  The long awaited release of Unguarded Heart will be celebrated on Saturday April 7th at the Burren in Davis Sq. Somerville.  Pledgers and pre-orders received their digital copy On April 1st!  The album will officially drop at the end of April.  Order tix here:

New Year and New News! - December 27, 2017

Happy Holidays & New Year.  As 2017 wanes and with it all of its joys, accomplishments, growing pains and tumult, January approaches, the darkness starts to dissipate and the days become just a little longer, I’m looking forward to new beginnings and fresh starts.  I’m thrilled to announce that the album project reached its goal, will be funded and Unguarded Heart will be released in early 2018.  Next week we go in for mastering and then the fun part of creating artwork begins.  I’m hoping to have the download version of the album ready for you by the end of January, the hard copy CD by March and hoping to celebrate with a big CD release party with the Blue Ribbons in April. 

You can still pledge and get in on supporting the project by clicking HERE. 

 And a new project/band is also underway!   - “Daresay” officially hits the streets at Toad on Jan 2nd. This is a collaboration with Greg Klyma, Andy Santospago, and myself  - a mixture of our original songs and ecletic cover selections that span the territories of R&B, Blues, Western Swing, Rock n’ Roll, Surf, and Swampy New Orleans – with lots of emphasis on duets and big harmonies!  Come on out and get in on the action…

On the eve of my birthday... - September 15, 2017

I am taking stock and feeling incredibly grateful for the way I've gotten to spend so many trips around the sun.  Playing music with friends is a good way to go through life.  And I don't take a second of it for granted.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way.  

This fall is an exciting time.  In album news:  Backing vocals are complete (Thanks to Susan Cattaneo, Kimon Kirk, James Rohr, Jeff Charland and Sean Staples who all injected their sweet spirits, expertise and amazing voices into those sessions).  The record is being mixed in October and  I am launching my pre-order Pledge Music Campaign next week.  This is an opportunity for you to jump on board and help me release these songs into the world. 

NOT playing the last Tuesday at Toad this month, but I have some really fun (all ages) shows coming up. Hope to see you at one or all of them!

Recording Update - June 28, 2017

This time- it's as much about the process as the product.  

I don't even know where to begin.  From the inception of these songs to collaborating with some of my favorite writers, to gathering my team around me, to recording the demos in Austin, to the full studio  - this recording process has already been one of my most favorite creative endeavors.  And I'm relishing every little piece of this process.  It could stop right here and I'd be thrilled.  Two weeks ago I had what was akin to a spritual experience tracking 15 songs with producer David Goodrich and engineer Mark Thayer along with the outstanding Blue Ribbons at Signature Sounds in CT.  Out in the country, on a cold rainy weekend, in a big old renovated barn- those boys took me to church.  We worked into the wee hours, ate and drank and laughed and purged some demons.  These guys are so incredible to work with.  I'm truly in awe.  Encouraging, kind, supportive, fully present, caring, funny as all hell, complimentary, humble, and gracious.  And they are deadly as players!  It was live, spontaneous, raw, adventurous, experimental and in the moment. This recording is authentic. I feel like it's my best work and it really feels like we're making a piece of art together. It's different than anything I've ever done and it's exactly the vibe I was hoping to capture.  I can't wait to share it with you - I think it's gonna rip the heart right out of your chest.  We still have one or two more sessions for backing vocals and harmonies so I'll keep you posted on that fun as well.  I'm creating a Pledge Music Campaign so folks can pre-order the album and help offset the some of the cost.  Hoping to launch that next month and hoping you'll all take part in this journey with me! 

Above the Basement Podcast - December 2, 2016

Had a great time recording this podcast for Above the Basement - music and conversation.  Give a listen!  

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Download new Miriam album - June 18, 2016

Miriam's album released last month is available here for download!

Enjoy and thank you for the support-

Carla's lyrics quoted in Boston Globe! - June 18, 2016

Pleased to see my lyrics quoted in today's Boston Globe feature Op-Ed piece in an article blasting Trump.  Click the link at the end to hear the tune!

Miriam's Press Release! - April 11, 2016

It started in a graveyard.  A stark gray stone surrounded by lush green grass.  It bore the name Miriam and underneath the words, “I Am So Happy”.  The picture so perfectly depicted such artistic and emotional contrast in its dreary, macabre sweetness, it had to be put to use.  In 2009, when multi-award-winning singer-songwriters Amy Fairchild and Carla Ryder decided to combine their voices and join forces to start a band, Miriam was born. It was sheer coincidence that they would later learn Miriam was a strong and insightful biblical prophetess of the Old Testament who led her people in song and 

instrument.They recruited the coveted multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, AndySantospago, whose music traverses a long and winding road from classical, jazz, acoustic finger style, Latin, bluegrass and folk, and rock. Over the next few years, they would pluck up talented drummer about town Ian McMillan, monster bass player Jeff St. 

Pierre and the best fiddle playing/mandolin pickin' player this side of anywhere, MichaelSpaly. The group has garnered a loyal following by playing a monthly residency (the last Tuesday of each month at Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA) cultivating a sound and creating true alchemy among them. They have been described as a rollickin’ blend of Americana-infused countrified roots-rock.  The focus is on the tight harmonies, catchy songs and superb playing.  At times playful, at times moody.  But mostly it’s boot-stompin,’ lead vocal swappin’, ass-kickin’ fun. Steve Morse, former critic of 30 years at The Boston Globe says, " Music for the sheer pleasure of it... effervescent harmonies and melodic nirvana." Catch them at their debut CD release show Sat May 14th at 7 pm BurrenBackroom in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. 

Recording soon... - September 22, 2015

So it's been a long long time since I've hit the studio.  Life, family and a bit bout of writer's block have presented themselves as challenges to the musical process.  With a small batch of songs and a big restless heart, I will be trying to get these songs down on tape this winter.  Kickstarter coming soon.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated! 


Miram gets a Residency! - August 12, 2015

My rollickin' Americana-soaked, alt-country, rock band Miriam lands an on-going residency at the hip, cool and most coveted Toad on Mass Ave Cambridge.  Harmonies galore, fiddle, electric guitar and a rhythm session equal to a shot of espresso.  We will play the last Tuesday of every month, trying out new songs, originals, new takes on old favorites and will feature a new special guest with each performance.  Following Miriam each month is the electrifying Blue Ribbons who will leave you breathless.  

Spotify and Pandora! - January 18, 2012

Hi friends-

The new year is upon us and with that comes a new website design, Carla Ryder music on Spotify, and on Pandora (coming soon).  Lots of shows will be announced shortly.  Everything from yoga concert classes, fundraisers, an acoustic duo with Chris Roussin at the new venue Radio, to Miriam full band fun.  I'll keep you posted and I'm trying to get to updating the site with more fun pics.  It's going to be a great year of music and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.  Thank you again for all of your support.



Miriam is born! - November 17, 2010

Carla Ryder and songstress extraordinaire Amy Fairchild have joined together to create the musical powerhouse known as Miriam. With Ian MacMillan on drums and Andy Santospago on guitar and instruments ending in "o" - banjo, mando, dobro, they welcome special guests with every show to diversify and liven the experience. It's a rollickin' good time.

Check out for all the deets. Hope to see you soon!

Lonesome Town needs you! - February 5, 2008

Hi friends -
I just got some really good news. "Lonesome Town" off Til the End of Counting has
placed as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. This is a big deal and a pretty elite contest. There were over 15,000 entries - and it's now down to only 15 contestants in my category. In the next few weeks judges including Loretta Lynn, Tom Waits, Nelly Furtado and Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) will be listening and deciding who wins. They have also opened up a people's choice category. This is where you come in. It would mean a lot if you could take a minute to click on the site and cast your vote for the song "Lonesome Town" in the Americana category. I think you can vote as much as once per day, so if the spirit moves you, keep on clickin' and voting from Feb 5th to Feb 29th.

The prizes include some very cool gear, recording time and equipment, lots of industry exposure and cash!!

CRB on the River 92.5 - January 29, 2008

Hope you caught Carla Ryder Band on the River last Wednesday featured as the "home-grown" artist. This is greater Boston's best station - so a nice little honor.

Lonesome Town named semi-finalist! - January 29, 2008

"Lonesome Town" off of Til the End of Counting has just been named a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. And the competition is stiff so this is great news. We'll keep you posted as the results come in.

Lizard Lounge date rescheduled! - September 13, 2007

Just wanted to post that our Oct 19th date with Amy Fairchild at the Lizard Lounge has been rescheduled. We're now playing the early set on Wed Oct 10th at 8:00 opening for Dennis Brennan. This will be a great night of music- if you haven't seen Dennis and his amazing band, you'll be blown away.
Our double bill with Amy is happening at the Lizard on Friday night Nov 30th.

The Tide gets a licensing deal! - September 4, 2007

RCD, a Canadian record company has seleced the song the Tide for licensing. Working out the details now, but it looks like a great opportunity.

Three Mondays selected on MusiCafe - August 3, 2007

"Three Mondays Gone" has been accepted for inclusion on's Local MusiCafe!
In 2005 alone, there were more than 400,000 mp3 downloads from the LMC! mvyradio is consistently ranked within the top 15 most streamed internet radio stations in the world. LMC Featured Artists are automatically considered for airplay on the Local MusiCafe show which is broadcast on the air and webcast Sundays at 8pm EST.

Best Buy Distribution - August 3, 2007

Radio Play - August 3, 2007

Til the End of Counting has been added to Roots Rock Radio - log onto to to listen in.

Back together again - July 17, 2007

August 2nd come to a special show and take part in something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I’ll be getting together & playing an acoustic set with my old friend Tom Groleau. For those of you who aren’t aware, Tommy, who was the drummer during our Mudhens days, has become quite the guitarist in the past few years, playing scads of solo-acoustic shows. Tommy was also one of the main forces, arrangers and co-writers behind the album “Pulling Down Sky”. I’m excited to be making music with him again! We’ll be doing some vintage Mudhens tunes, a few cuts from Pulling Down Sky, and some new stuff if we can pull it together by then. We'll be playing at the Hooley House on Union St. in Boston at 9:00 - Thus 8/2/07.

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